pelvic floor training

pelvic floor training
Pelvic floor training supports a healthy pelvic floor for the prevention and accompaniment of recovery processes (after childbirth, surgery, ...), securing continence, improving posture, strengthening the core and improving one's own body (well-being), both in everyday life and in sexuality. Through professional guidance and professional support during training, you will acquire specialist knowledge to protect and strengthen this complex muscle area in order to keep your body healthy, strengthened and trained.

„As a study by a Cologne working group of urologists shows, erectile function can be maintained and improved as a precaution through pelvic floor training.“

(„Der Urologe“; Bd 42, Heft 4, August 2002, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg).

Pelvic floor training is suitable for both young and older people and is individually adapted to their well-being and body feeling. A healthy pelvic floor remains active for a long time and can best fulfill its tasks with constant training. According to one study, the most common condition in women is incontinence, regardless of age. Hormonal influences, births and often the wrong attitude support this development. But men are also affected. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are just a few examples. Often only after a prostate operation, where they are not well informed or feel overwhelmed and left alone with the new situation. The range of pelvic floor training is aimed at everyone and can be put together as a group course or individually tailored and booked in an individual setting. The spatial conditions of your own 4 walls, nature, ... can also be used in the best possible way.

The main topics of the pelvic floor training are:
Getting to know the layers of the pelvic floor
Perceiving the layers of the pelvic floor and the bony pelvis
Strengthening and relaxation
Bladder training
Posture training
Getting to know the relationships between the pelvic floor and body perception in sexuality
and much more ...

As a certified BeBo® course instructor, I have successfully completed a BeBo® training with examination and regularly take part in BeBo® and other subject-specific advanced training courses.

From 2020, the training offer will also take place in the newly equipped rooms in the Generations Campus Vorchdorf and in the parish hall in Wartberg an der Krems.