Life And Social Counseling


As a life and social counselor, appreciative access to often depressing topics is an important element in working with people.

Sex Counseling
As a clinical sexologist according to Sexocorporel, I take the time to take a detailed look at the history of the person sitting across from me. This serves to provide you with professional, competent support in expanding your sexual abilities and your sexual health. Sexocorporel describes a holistic health model from sex therapy, which raises personal abilities and aims to expand these abilities instead of (further) reduce them. In this way, sexual counseling can take place not only in conversation but also in a needs-oriented manner, supported by targeted pelvic floor training. On the one hand, to reduce the stress of suffering and, on the other hand, to increase one's own body awareness in order to experience it more consciously.

Educational Advice
Thanks to my 12 years of experience as a social worker, I am familiar with the challenges of everyday life with children and young people at different stages of development. Based on this knowledge and my numerous training and further education courses, I would be happy to develop strategies with you that you can use to relieve your stress in everyday life. I also offer moderated family discussions both in crisis situations and in everyday situations. This enables me to accompany and support the best possible and productive process for everyone involved.

Youth Counseling
Often it is issues of (professional, private, ...) disorientation that concern young people. Here, too, I offer professional support in order to develop a perspective. Various methods in youth work offer themselves to come into contact with young people. In this way, a sustainable working relationship can be established and a basis of trust can be created, which enables perspectives to be broadened. Blockages, doubts, ... find space to be addressed and dealt with.

Online Counseling
I am available for anonymous advice inquiries via as well as at
!!! All conversation contents are subject to confidentiality. Exceptions only concern all forms of harm to oneself and / or others !!!